The Power of the Circle

There is great power in sitting in a circle. For when we sit facing one another, we open ourselves to each other, working together instead of working alone. We make trusting connections with one another in our circle and contribute in mutually supportive ways. Doing our work in a circle brings out the very best in each of us. 
Working in this way, we open ourselves to the limitlessness of the circle’s ability to reenergize and reengage us as our work continues. A perception turns and revolves as we toss it among ourselves, each looking at it from our own perspective. A concept remixes and remakes itself as we share it, shedding pieces that are no longer needed. New and healthier ideas begin to take shape and come to rest within each of us. 
At the very heart of all things that exist, especially at the center of a circle used for ritual, is the Source, however we define it: Spirit, God, Goddess, love, Mother Nature. It is the guiding light of all things, people, and ways. When divine inspiration is unveiled, and therefore actively at work in the center of a circle, there are no limits to the depth and breadth of the work that we can collectively bring about. 
When women form a circle, we open ourselves to the power of the collective feminine spirit—the feminine, creative expression of the Divine—which guides the women’s work that we have yet to do. Together, working in our circle, we receive the same guidance that has led great women of all ages to states of divine grace and timeless wisdom. 
Under the guidance of the Divine, we rediscover our inherent connection with the sacred, spiritual, feminine power that lives in us and around us. By keeping the center of a circle sacred and attuned to such radiant inspiration, we re-infuse everything that we do as women with the brilliance of the collective feminine spirit’s most grace-filled blessings.