A Life-Changing Experience

Blessingway rituals are incredibly powerful! Even after we think all has been said and done, after the last dish has been wiped dry, the last candle snuffed, the last piece of furniture pushed back into place with care and precision,we are left with a feeling of “wow.” One last visual scan confirms that the ritual space is back in order. Even so, we find ourselves wandering around—checking and rechecking—for it often feels like it isn’t all put away. We worry that something will be left behind. It took us a while to realize that, in fact, something is always left behind after a blessingway. We can’t see it, but we can all feel it. An energy lingers. Something has changed. We have changed.

Waves of Knowledge, Pools of Wisdom

goddess_small_teal-01The information contained within Mother Rising came to us in waves. The first wave came from books, pamphlets, and newsletters written by women who had already begun to explore rituals and blessingways. Excited by what we read, we consciously began to incorporate the concepts we were uncovering into the ritual work we were doing. Our rituals deepened in meaning.
The next wave came through our actual experiences: the more rituals we created, the more we knew about ritual. As we neared the end of this book project, we realized that a great deal of knowledge was coming to us intuitively and that we seemed to have gained access to some mysterious pool of information. We now recognize that this “mysterious pool” is actually the collective feminine spirit. 
Every woman who does this important work contributes her discoveries to that very same pool, and in turn, that information is made available to women everywhere. By heightening our awareness and creating conscious connections with one another, we will all gain the ability to tap into our collective feminine spirit, and thereby gain access to all the knowledge and wisdom of women who have walked the path before us.
"Mothering is a subtle art whose rhythm we collect
as much from one another as by instinct."
—Louise Erdrich, The Blue Jay's Dance: A Birth Year