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Personal Blessingway Stories

Vanessa's Letter

To all the strong women present with me today,

It's the wee hours of the night, and I've been awake for awhile already – first, because Lila has been pushing her little strong legs deep into my ribs (I think she is quite ready and willing to come out – curious, unafraid, determined). Second, because by my nature, there always seems to creep in some nagging thought or some little regret (often in the middle of the night).more ...

Samantha's Reflections

The blessingway held in my honor several weeks ago was nothing short of a miracle. It was a blessed event that continues to nourish and support me as the baby's arrival date approaches, and I know that I will always cherish this day as one of the highlights in my life.more ...

Shawna's Blessingway Story

I was really nervous about attending my first blessingway. Would I belong in 'that kind of group'? Would it be too 'far out' for even me? (I'm pretty flexible and open.) I was soon put at ease – especially during the releasing of fears. Each releasing of fears is very emotional for me, and I find myself understanding the other women present a little better, wanting to comfort them in their fears, as well as tell them that I feel some of the same fears. more ...