Samantha's Blessingway Story

TEAL WHEEL 1_WEBThe blessingway held in my honor several weeks ago was nothing short of a miracle. It was a blessed event that continues to nourish and support me as the baby’s arrival date approaches, and I know that I will always cherish this day as one of the highlights in my lifeWhen I learned that one of my very favorite friends from high school, Barb Lucke, was creating blessingway ceremonies, I knew right away that I wanted one (which was sort of odd considering I’ve never been to one or really knew much about them). I was in the process of adopting a baby and the time felt right. In a society that views preparing for motherhood as many shopping trips to the mall, I wanted something more. The blessingway sounded like something that would resonate with me, and resonate it did!
Surrounded by ten wonderful women, including my two sisters, I simply bathed in the ceremony all day long. I was so touched by the amount of organizing and preparations that my good friend Barb did for my ritual, as well as the loving presence of my friends (who jumped right into the space clearing, the invocation of the Four Directions and Kuan Yin, the henna decorations, and my personal favorite part of the ceremony: pampering me!) The altars and fresh flower arrangements Barb created and designed were stunning; the prayers and blessings so heartfelt and touching.
Every moment overflowed with honoring intentions. It felt wonderful to receive — like a soothing balm to my soul. When the day was over, I felt convinced that every woman should have at least one blessingway in her lifetime, if not more! In fact, I don’t think there has been another day in my life that I have felt so loved, so held, and so connected to my friends, to my sisters, and to my sisterhood.
My blessingway was a tremendously healing event on so many levels, especially because I was able to be vulnerable and share with my sisters the richness of my life and deep connection to Spirit. This was also a beautiful testament, on a personal level, to receive such attention from my friends with grace, as this is an edge I have worked very hard on over the years.
Because I’m not physically giving birth to a baby, at times I’ve felt somewhat like I’m not really a mother. I haven’t been able to connect or relate to the stories of pregnancy and delivery that women tell like war stories. In fact, I’ve felt somewhat left out from that connection that ties most mothers.
This blessingway, however, was like medicine for that sore place in my heart. With all the sharing of experiences, releasing of fears, and talk about surrender, I felt really connected to the journey of motherhood for the first time.
When I look at the red yarn wrapped around my wrist to be worn until the baby arrives, it serves as a reminder of the support and love I experienced on that special day. It also reminds me of the connection I have to women, that I am no less a woman because I’m birthing a baby from my heart instead of my physical body.
I felt honored. I felt seen. I now feel like I’m just as much a part of that special tribe we call mothers. And I am still glowing!
So here’s the miracle part: After the blessingway ceremony, Barb looked me in the eye and said “You’re going to get a phone call this week! There’s no way you can put this much intention out into the universe and it doesn’t respond.”
Her intuition was spot on. After F-O-U-R very long months of waiting for an assignment for our baby, four days after the blessingway my husband and I got the phone call we had been anxiously waiting for: A healthy baby boy had just been assigned to us. Jee Myung Oh, or “Bright Wisdom” in Korean, is getting ready to travel home to his family in Maryland!
How blessed are we!