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Time Estimation Chart

Estimating the time that each ritual element will take to complete is not an exact science, but by using the guide below, you should be able to approximate the length of your ritual as you work on your outline.

We give a total time for some elements (e.g., 20 minutes total), while for others we indicate the time you'll need to allot for each guest who will be participating (e.g., 1-2 minutes each). These time estimates take into account the introduction that will need to be given for each segment. However, if you will be working with a group of women who have never before attended a ritual, you may need to provide them with more details about what you will be doing and why you will be doing it. If this is the case, you may want to add a couple of extra minutes to our estimates.

Note: Whenever a ritual element involves sharing, the time can really vary. When we are facilitating a ritual, we often choose someone who has been to a blessingway to go first, in order to set the pace and the depth for sharing or gift giving. If the blessingway is a new experience for all of the women in the circle, we will begin the segment ourselves in order to set an example for them to follow.

Adorning (See Pampering)  
Blessings and Wishes  
  Candle Blessing 2 minutes each
  Laying-on-of-Hands 20 minutes total
  Personal Blessings 3 minutes each
  Rose or Salt Water (group) 10 minutes total
Breaks 10-15 minutes total
Casting the Circle 3-5 minutes total
Cleansing and Purification 3-5 minute introduction
  Smudging 1 minute each
  Rose or Salt Water 1 minute each
Closing Statement 1-2 minutes total
Connecting (See Meditation)  
Creating (Group Activity) 30-60 minutes total
Feast 1-2 hours total
Gathering Time (Pre-Blessingway) 30-60 minutes total
Giving Gifts 2-5 minutes each
  Belly Casting 45-60 minutes total
  Crowning 5-10 minutes total
  Letters to Baby 2-4 minutes each
Invocations and Evocations
  Summoning the Four Directions 10 minutes total
  Summoning the Divine 3-5 minutes total
  Guided Meditations 10-20 minutes total
  Music Meditations 5-10 minutes total
  Silent Meditations 5-10 minutes total
Opening the Circle 1-3 minutes total
Opening to the Divine (See Invocations and Evocations)
Pampering 45-60 minutes total
  Hair brushing, footbath, massage, mehndi (or other form of adornment), all happening simultaneously.  
Personal Introductions  
  Brief (e.g., by matrilineal heritage) 2 minutes each
  Introductions that involve sharing (e.g., by altar item or questions) 3-5 minutes each
Raising Energy 5-10 minutes total
Readings 5-10 minutes total
Releasing Fears 30-60 minutes total
Sharing and Storytelling 3-5 minutes each
Sibling Ceremony  
  Gift presentation 2-3 minutes each
  Sharing (mother-to-be) 5-10 minutes total
Statement of Purpose 5-7 minutes total
Web Weaving 10 minutes total